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Waist-Up Sketch
- Free shading, if you so choose!
- Any species, any type of interaction.

- NOTE ME IF YOU'D LIKE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER! I will create a payment widget specifically for your commission. +400 per extra character.
Flat Bust
- Great for Instagram/Twitter avatars or page decorations.
- Any species - human, animal, vegetable, mineral, mech, etc.
- One character only.
- Specify expression, if you'd like, or leave it up to me!
Shaded Bust
- Same as the Flat Bust, but it's - guess what - SHADED!
Flat Waist-Up
- Bright, stylized, and open to accessorization and add-ons!
- Any species, as always.
- One character only.
Lineless Chibi
- Great for page decor.
- May contain some extra shading (at no cost to you) for the sake of distinguishing shapes.
- Looks best on simple characters, but hey, I can do it all, man.
- One character only.
Flat Fullbody
- Any species, any pose.
- As always, I'm open to specifications - clothing, expression, add-ons, etc.

- NOTE ME IF YOU'D LIKE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER! I will create a payment widget specifically for your commission. +1000 per extra character.
Shaded Fullbody
- You know the drill.

- NOTE ME IF YOU'D LIKE MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER! I will create a payment widget specifically for your commission. +1200 per extra character.


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Design Contest - Ends on August 30th [12AM EST]
Hello, I'm going to hold a design contest because I thought it would be fun.
The prize is $200 and will be delivered via PayPal.

There is only one prize. I decided that I cannot fairly offer tiered prizes, as I would of wanted to keep all the prizes above $100. I hope this does not discourage you from entering.
I am primarily looking for ANTHRO designs, but if you're a feral artist, you are welcome to enter as long as I am allowed to design anthro/alternative forms for it. Having both anthro and feral forms on your entry is encouraged, but not required.
Judging will be primarily on the design itself, however, artistic ability/execution/quality will also be taken into account.
Should there be non-winning designs I am interested in, I may make an offer on them after the contest closes. You are not obligated to accept my offer. Any non-winning designs are free to be kept or sold to whoever you want.
Please consider promoing this journal even if you're
:icon11xn:11XN 53 7
overthinking by DragonsPurr overthinking :icondragonspurr:DragonsPurr 114 3


katamari dovahkiin
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
teacher resigned!

- hiya, i'm kate - full-time college student, amateur new yorker, and a total fuckin clown.
- i do art (you can pay me for that), write gay shit (for FREE), and uhhh hit the gym a lot. wouldn't mind working as a sort of concept artist but deep down in my heart i just wanna write magazine articles about expensive spanish hams.
- check out my ongoing radio broadcast here.

icon by hoodiedogs!
1. what’s your gender? 
uhh nonbinary! maybe genderfluid. im just going with nb as far as terminology though

2. what are your pronouns?
any of em.. he/she/they. i like keepin it varied

3. is your family accepting?
yea! my older brother's gay so. our family's already a force of not-straightness

4. what do you wish you could tell your past self?
listen......... thinking girls are really pretty and being interested in sex with girls is. is attraction to girls. youre gay

5. what is your sexuality?
bi, baby!!

6. favorite color?

7. sun gay or moon gay?
probably a sun gay

8. when did you find out your sexuality?
uhh late in the game. wasn't until the end of my junior year in high school i think, that i was officially able to say i was bi (or, at the time, pan). it was elizabeth from bioshock infinite that kinda set the warning bells off hdjhdbjsdhb

9. how was your day?
ah! pretty nice! worked out, took myself to lunch and had a great sandwich, went on a walk, drew, talked with my friends... good stuff

10. do you have any gay friends?
probably 98% of them are gay in some fashion so yeah

11. what’s your favorite hobby?
hmmm that's a tough one. the hobby that i find most consistently calming and rewarding is playing piano

12. who’s the best gay icon in your opinion?
oohhhh.......... obviously im gonna be bi-ased (haha) and go with a fellow bi! gotta pick douwe bob,, hes like my fav musical artist and all that

13. which pride flags do you like the most design/color wise?
oof the trans flag is quite lovely. im also quite fond of the progress pride flag; it's a real neat design

Image result for more color more pride fist

14. are you openly out?
uhhhh yea mostly? i mean. i'd be candid if someone asked but i dont really preface conversations with the fact lmao

15. are you comfortable with yourself?
most of the time, but everyone has some self doubt now and then

16. bottom or top?
vers, as far as i can tell

17. femme or butch?
uhh well in bisexual terms, tomcat! which is adjacent to butch

18. do you bind?

19. do you shave?

20. if you could date anyone you wanted, who would it be?
ooh uh. gosh i'd... i'd really dig samira wiley but she's obviously taken and she's much older anyway lmao. uhhh really the criteria here are that you must be Big and Strong and Kind

21. do you have a partner (s)?

22. describe your partner (s)?

23. have you ever dated anyone of the same sex?

24. anyone of another sex?

25. pastel gay or goth gay?
more often pastel but i do have my Goth Days

26. favorite dad in dream daddies?
uHHH the scruffy one! robert i think. i've never played it
Image result for dream daddies robert

27. tell me a random fact about yourself?
i.......... wanna be a culinary journalist

28. do you own any pride flags/merch?
nah i wish ;; need me some bi pride shit

29. have you ever been to a pride parade?
yea! just one back in my hometown

30. any advice to someone who isn’t out or who is exploring themselves?
look. pride on a personal level isnt all about hyperspecific labels or flying flags or anything, it's about your history and your ability to quit justifying and defending your existence. just be, and change, and explore, but only face scrutiny and question at your own pace.



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